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Coffee Latte Milk Frothing Jug

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Introducing the Coffee Latte Milk Frothing Jug! This professional-grade, stainless steel frothing pitcher is ideal for making creamy and flavorful lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and more. The lightweight and easy-to-pour design allows for a perfect result every time. The unique handle on the jug ensures a comfortable grip that won’t slip or burn your hand. In addition to espresso drinks, you can use this jug to quickly heat up milk for hot cocoa or other delicious recipes.

Thanks to its non-stick interior coating, the jug will remain bright and clear with minimal effort. After pouring in cold milk, simply switch on the frothing function with a flick of the wrist to create silky foam that will make your drinks taste like they were made by a pro barista! Best of all, our Milk Frothing Jug comes with a full 1-year warranty – so you can get frothing with confidence! Get yours today and pour yourself an impeccable cup of coffee every time.



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